Our goal is to offer all creative services in-house, in order to avoid any outsourcing cost and communication wait times. Each one of our services offered is performed solely by us. This way, during a consultation, there is no grey area on what we can do based on what the client needs. Any and all communication will run directly between the client and the creative. This is simply the best way to have work flow together and create an honest and balanced end result.


Alexa graduated from SAIT in April, majoring in Journalism & Communications. She has also managed a successful blog since 2014, focusing on fashion and lifestyle. With Instagram, YouTube, and her blog, she is receiving tens of thousands of page visits each month. 

Jim has been a freelance photographer & videographer for over a decade. He also has years of IT and Consulting experience. Jim has been trained in customer service by one of the largest tech companies in the world. Add to this some basic design experience and Alexa & Jim are well equipped to offer a long list of creative services.